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Digital Release


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  • Track 1 - You Can't Run (11:01)
    You head into Café Anemone to meet Kaori, the mysterious and yet alluring man who has captured your heart. You converse as you normally would with him, but something is different about him today. He asks you to wait for him outside tonight before disappearing on his break.
    "See you later. ...Don't you run." 

  • Track 2 - Evening's Scent (1:00:00)

30 minutes after the promised hour, Kaori arrives. He takes your hand much like you'd expect of a boyfriend rather than a man at a café you frequent. Taken by his smile, soon enough you're at a hotel. He sees through all your walls, reading exactly what it is you desire without you speaking a word.

"I’ll toss you to the side after I break you with pleasure." 

Warnings: Shaming, Verbal abuse, Violence, Bondage (Necktie), Clit play, Mentions of rape

  • Track 3 - The Shape of Love (27:26)

In a hotel with him once more, Kaori holds you close and confesses his feelings for you. He pats your head, and you share a sweet lover-like kiss. Taken aback by his sweet words, you find yourself slightly disappointed. But he makes a come back, barking orders and forcing you into submission.

"Get more and more addicted to me. Completely fall for me. Then... Fall into the pits of despair when I’m done with you…"

Warnings: Face fucking *Cum inclusive, Verbal abuse

  • Track 4 - The Bottom of the Swamp (49:53)

After a rough, forced blow job, he handcuffs you. Teasing and edging you but never taking you to completion. Finally, he gives you release with a vibrator, but he doesn't stop after just one. When you've finally hit your limits, completely worn to the bone from the mind-blowing pleasure, he takes his turn. Despite his torturous actions, somehow it seems to be him who is buckling under the pressure.​​


Warnings: Bondage (Handcuffs), Clit play, Verbal abuse, Vibrator, Violence, Mentions of rape, Internal ejaculate, Mentions of mental health

 2 hours 28 minutes of content!​

Rating: 18+
Kinks/Warnings: Sadomasochism, Handcuffs, Mentions of rape, Mentions Mental Health issues, Intense verbal abuse
The girl is full on punched in the face multiple times.
Do not buy if you're not comfortable with this.

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